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Single transaction orchestrating platform for safe and fast financial transactions.



Areca Financial provides an all-in-one financial and custodial platform to process any type and size transaction seamlessly, transfer quickly, and scale securely.

We serve as asset custodians and provide comprehensive portfolio administration for sophisticated investors, commodities traders and corporations seeking to consolidate accounts and simplify recordkeeping.


Our systems can handle any currency, digital asset or security transaction. It can be processed in real time by using our seamless integration suite, multi payment and compliance platform reducing your successful transactions time to a minimum.

Secure, transparent and fully auditable. 



We designed our platform to take the work out of complex transaction and asset transfers. It includes core financial services and ancillary functions available to you through one integration for a variety of uses, from the transfer, custody and exchange of digital assets, to performing multicurrency cross border payments and US and Europe based custodial services, to asset tokenizations.

Our custody and payments specialists work closely with you and your advisors to provide tailored strategies for your needs. We can provide payments processing and trade settlement, while allowing you to work with your preferred third-party legal advisors and brokers for advice.  To help simplify administration, we offer immediate liquidity availability, notification of corporate actions, payment processing, payments reception, international and domestic transfers support.

In our custody, your assets are fully segregated from the assets of of other clients. You remain the beneficial owner of your assets and do not become a creditor of the bank.  Your assets will never be lent out (hypothecated). In the unlikely event of Areca Financial suffering financial distress, your assets would be allocated to you as the beneficial owner.


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