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All-in-one financial service APIs to build seamlessly, launch quickly, and scale securely. Making integrations simple and scalable by providing a seamless integration suite, professional services, and multi-payment and compliance platform reducing your successful launch time to a minimum.

  • Areca ICO Launchpad: We are the launchpad for online capital raises that democratizes financial access, build a fundraising or crypto sale platform that can support multiple offerings, flexible rails, fiat, and digital assets, and an unlimited number of buyers.

  • Areca Payments: Enable buyers to receive and send money, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets.

  • Areca Trading Platform: Activate services for the digital and alternative asset market, protect and grow your business while dealing with market demands for access to cryptocurrencies and FIAT Payment Mechanisms.

  • Areca Asset Management: Move and manage any assets in a single experience, keep up with the new generation of investors who want exposure to digital and alternative assets including cryptocurrencies.

  • Areca On and Off-Ramp Highway: Enable faster, more seamless on-platform payments and engagement, increase transaction volume and recurring engagement within your ecosystem.

  • Areca Custodian: Flexible asset storage. Our Qualified Custody enables quick, secure, and compliant custody or sub-custody of users’ funds in a variety of account types. Escrows, Trusts, Custodial FIAT, and Crypto Wallets.

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