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Areca Financial Services

Areca Financial provides an all-in-one financial and custodial platform to process any type and size transaction seamlessly, transfer quickly, and scale securely.

We serve as asset custodians and provide comprehensive portfolio administration for sophisticated investors, commodities traders and corporations seeking to consolidate accounts and simplify recordkeeping.


Our systems can handle any currency, digital asset or security transaction. It can be processed in real time by using our seamless integration suite, multi payment and compliance platform reducing your successful transactions time to a minimum.

Secure, transparent and fully auditable. 

Our Team


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Henryk Dabrowski

Mr. Henryk Dabrowski has 30+ years of experience in creating, leading, and successfully building multinational enterprises, in crypto, blockchain, financial technology and mobile payments ventures on a global basis. Over the last 25 years he has been actively investing in both public and privately held companies, in Asia, Europe and the Americas, with ample experience in capital markets, building successful organizations, investment banking and financial consumer services as well as participating in multiple rounds of financing in the venture capital, private equity and institutional investor.

He has extensive experience in Corporate Finance and Financial Services, including Crypto, Blockchain and Fintech platforms. He was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC:ALYI) for 10 years, investing in growth stage companies, and executing multiple mergers and acquisitions, as well as the sale of several subsidiaries.

He was the former Chairman and CEO of Utiba Americas, a leading developer of mobile financial services software solutions. Utiba reached 66% global market share in less than 4 years. Utiba Americas, successfully engaged projects with America Movil, Digicel Group, Tigo, Citibank, Prosa, Banrural, Davivienda, Banco FIE and several other Banks and Mobile Network Operators and established key partnerships and joint ventures with Mastercard and Visa.

Robert Cullen
VP Issuer and Investor Services

Rob Cullen extensive experience as an Operations Manager make him an invaluable resource for Areca's organization, with a wealth of experience in operations management and a consistent record of success. 

His tenure in the US Marine Corps and his contributions to Continental Airlines/United Airlines emphasize his capacity to enhance processes and increase efficiency across diverse sectors.

He is the Vice President of Issuer and Investor Services at Areca Financial, employing his proficiency forecasting, planning and allocating resources to support any operation within the company. Furthermore, Rob's commitment to philanthropy and support for the Veteran community reflects his strong leadership abilities and dedication to making a positive difference in the world.

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